Utilize gold that is real everyday cash.

From having to pay during the checkout, to your deposit on a vehicle. No crypto, no credits, simply genuine silver which you very own and will invest.

Purchase, conserve, invest and share genuine silver and other currencies digitally with Glint.

Glint is showcased in amount no credit check payday loans Attica OH of prestigious magazines.

It’s quick and simple to purchase silver utilising the Glint application – any quantity, small or large, during the cheapest costs available.

Are you currently still saving in your neighborhood money and tend to be concerned about your personal future investing power, as your federal federal government pumps in trillions to aid an economy that is ailing? Silver is trusted to retain its value after 12 months year. Help protect your family’s future by saving with Glint.

Invest real silver as everyday cash making use of your Glint Card anywhere across the world that accepts Mastercard. Silver is cash, not merely an investment held safe in a vault. Silver is an actual, dependable option to government-iued paper money and Glint can be your key to investing it properly.

It’s simple to deliver genuine digitised silver, GBP, USD and EUR between Glint records immediately, firmly as well as for free, utilizing the Glint it! function in your Glint application

As well as our ground-breaking silver money, we additionally provide our consumers the freedom to truly save and invest in three associated with the world’s major currencies, USD, GPB and EUR, with additional not far off.

Welcome in to the super safe and super easy Glint app and Glint Mastercard

Hi every person, welcome to Glint and the things I think is a much fairer way to truly save, protect and invest your hard-earned cash.

Government iued (fiat) currencies are ineffective shops of value. During my lifetime, the usa Dollar and British Pound have actually both lost around 85percent of these purchasing power. On the other hand, we can see that the purchasing power of gold has at times increased by more than 500% in the same period whilst we recognise that the value of gold can fall which means the purchasing power of the customer can also fall.

The thing that is only fiat money is the claims produced by governments. A government can put into circulation and run up in debts that will need to be repaid by future generations as we have seen during there is no limit to how much paper money. With Glint you’ll assist protect your self as well as your family members from future loes into the value of paper cash through the use of silver.

All of us deserve a form that is reliable of, and that’s why i believe you’ll enjoy utilizing Glint.

Borrowing choices

There might be instances when you ought to borrow cash, maybe for a sizable purchase, to combine existing debts or simply just for a few short-term assistance. We’ve a true quantity of borrowing options that could be suitable according to exactly just exactly what you’re trying to find.


An overdraft facility lets you borrow money for short periods of time for current account customers. We have made modifications to exactly how we charge for arranged overdrafts, and we’re removing overdraft that is unarranged. For lots more details check out our account changes web page or our present account pages.

Charge cards

You can make use of our bank cards for most things like; purchases, moving balances, making cashback or travelling abroad. Nonetheless utilizing a charge card may become high priced in the event that you only result in the minimum monthly obligations or your price changes due to the end of an offer. We now have a array of charge cards that provide you various prices and features (such as for example cashback or promotions).

We are going to just offer you a charge card in the event that you pa Santander credit checks. You will also must be over 18.

Signature loans

Our signature loans enable you to definitely borrow funds over a longer time. You will spend a set amount right right right back each and have the peace of mind that the amount borrowed will be paid off over the term of your loan month. a loan that is personal additionally be repaid early in the day, in complete or perhaps in component.

We will just offer you that loan that we set to make sure you can pay, and we’ll ask you to make sure you make your repayments in the way we ask you to if you meet conditions.

Extra loans (for current Santander home loan customers)

With us and want to borrow ?5,000 or more, you could consider an additional loan which will be secured against your home if you already have a mortgage.

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